Introduction: Indulge in a delightful and portable dessert experience with Cherry Cheesecake Jars, a charming twist on the classic cheesecake that combines convenience with irresistible flavor. These miniature marvels capture the essence of a traditional cherry cheesecake in a compact jar, creating a treat that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Each layer, from the velvety creaminess of the cheesecake to the luscious sweetness of cherry compote, is thoughtfully crafted to create a symphony of tastes and textures. Join us on a culinary journey as we explore the delectable world of Cherry Cheesecake Jars, where every spoonful promises a moment of bliss and satisfaction.

Layers of Blissful Decadence: Cherry Cheesecake Jars are a testament to the art of layering flavors and textures to create a dessert that is both indulgent and convenient. The journey begins with a lusciously smooth and creamy cheesecake layer that sets the stage for the delightful interplay of ingredients. This velvety base is then adorned with a generous helping of sweet cherry compote, adding bursts of fruity goodness that complement the richness of the cheesecake. The layers come together in a symphony of decadence, inviting you to savor each spoonful and revel in the blissful combination of creaminess and sweetness.

Portable Elegance: What sets Cherry Cheesecake Jars apart is their elegant portability. Encased in individual jars, these desserts become a sophisticated and convenient option for serving at gatherings, picnics, or as a delightful gift. The transparent jars showcase the beautiful layers, creating a visual feast that is as appealing as the taste itself. The portability of these jars transforms the classic cheesecake experience into a personal and shareable treat, making them a versatile and stylish addition to any occasion.

Cherry Compote Brilliance: At the heart of Cherry Cheesecake Jars is the brilliance of the cherry compote. Bursting with the natural sweetness and tartness of ripe cherries, this compote adds a vibrant and refreshing element to the dessert. Whether made with fresh or preserved cherries, the compote introduces a burst of flavor that elevates each bite. The interplay between the creamy cheesecake and the bright, fruity notes of the cherry compote creates a dynamic contrast that keeps the taste buds dancing with joy.

Personalized Pleasure: Cherry Cheesecake Jars not only offer a delectable treat for the palate but also a personalized pleasure for each individual. The individual serving size allows for customizable indulgence, as each person can savor their own jar of cheesecake bliss. This personalized aspect makes Cherry Cheesecake Jars a versatile dessert option for gatherings, events, or intimate moments of self-indulgence, allowing everyone to enjoy their own portion of creamy and fruity delight.

Crafting Culinary Memories: Beyond their delicious layers, Cherry Cheesecake Jars have the power to craft culinary memories. Whether enjoyed as a festive dessert at celebrations or as a sweet ending to a casual meal, these jars become a focal point of delightful moments. The process of assembling and serving them becomes an opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones, as the shared enjoyment of this charming dessert leaves an impression that lingers in the hearts and taste memories of those fortunate enough to partake in its splendor.

In conclusion, Cherry Cheesecake Jars are a celebration of convenience, elegance, and irresistible flavor. From the layers of blissful decadence to the portable elegance, the brilliance of the cherry compote, personalized pleasure, and the ability to craft culinary memories, these jars embody the essence of a sophisticated and delightful dessert experience. As you delve into the velvety layers and savor the sweetness of cherries, each spoonful becomes a moment of indulgence and joy, reminding us that great desserts are not only about taste but also about creating memorable experiences.

Here are some positive aspects of Weight Watchers:

  1. Flexible and Balanced Approach: Weight Watchers promotes a flexible and balanced approach to weight loss. It doesn’t restrict specific food groups, allowing participants to enjoy a variety of foods while still focusing on healthier choices.
  2. SmartPoints System: The program uses a SmartPoints system, assigning values to different foods based on their nutritional content. This helps participants make informed choices, encouraging the consumption of nutrient-dense foods.
  3. Supportive Community: Weight Watchers provides a supportive community through group meetings, online forums, and social media. The sense of community can be motivating and helps individuals stay accountable to their weight loss goals.
  4. Personalized Plans: WW offers personalized plans based on individual preferences, lifestyle, and dietary needs. This customization allows for a more sustainable and realistic approach to weight loss.
  5. Behavioral Changes: Weight Watchers places a strong emphasis on changing behavior and building healthy habits. This focus on long-term lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes contributes to sustained weight management.
  6. Educational Resources: The program provides educational resources, tools, and information about nutrition, portion control, and exercise. This helps participants make informed choices and develop a better understanding of their overall health.
  7. Mobile App: The WW mobile app is a convenient tool that allows members to track their food intake, activity levels, and progress. It also offers recipes, meal ideas, and other resources to support healthy living.
  8. No Food is Off-Limits: Weight Watchers doesn’t label certain foods as off-limits, promoting a more positive and inclusive approach to eating. This can reduce feelings of deprivation and make the program more sustainable for participants.
  9. Focus on Mindfulness: The program encourages mindfulness in eating, promoting awareness of hunger and fullness cues. This approach can help participants develop a healthier relationship with food.
  10. Scientific Backing: Weight Watchers has been studied in various research settings, and some studies have shown positive outcomes in terms of weight loss and improvements in health markers.

Cherry Cheesecake Jars

3 Weight Watchers points per serving for a good snack!!!!

Recipe serves six


  • 32 ounces of Chobani Plain Greek non-fat Yogurt zero points
  • 3 sheets of Great Value Honey Grahams 8 points
  • 1 package Jello cheesecake reduced calorie instant pudding and pie filling 3 points
  • 12 ounces Great value no sugar added cherry pie filling 5 points


took half of a cracker crushed it up and put it on the bottom of each jar. In a bowl I mixed the Greek yogurt with the jello and I weighed 5 oz into each jar, then I weighed 2 oz of cherries into each jar