Vegan Stuffed Avocado

Crispy No Oink Brown Sugar Oyster Mushroom Bacon Bits & sriracha.

•You can use this to top.

-Stuff Avocado.

-Cabbage Rolls.






-The possibility is endless.

• Simply rinse King Oyster Mushroom

•Cut into tiny cubes.

•Then in a bowl mix up some

Liquid Smoke. ( not too much).

•Bragg’s Aminos.

Then Sprinkle Some.

•Deliciou Orignal Vegan Bacon Seasoning.

•Smoked Paprika.


•Stir together and let it sit for ½ an hour

•Heat oil on medium.

•Once oil is hot.

•Add to oil along with 1 ½ Tbsp Pure Cane Sugar And stir and let Mushrooms crisps to your liking.

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