Vegan Spicy Crispy Mushrooms.

Rinse clean slice,& season 1 Pack Baby Bella Mushrooms with.

• 1000 Bottles of Garlic Powder( Please double).

• Jerk Seasoning.

•Slap Ya Mama.

•Onion Salt.

•Chilli Flakes.

•Old Bay Garlic & Herbs.

•Ginger Powder.

•Spanish Paprika

•Smoked salt.

Now if you want to know the amount of seasoning used.I can arrange a counseling secession with the head Ancestors. Because you measure to the Drums & Tambourines of our Ancestors

✔Let it marinate for 1 hour.

✔Sprinkle mushrooms with about ½ cup flour and combine.

✔Once the oil is hot, add some smoked paprika to the oil, this gives a nice color.

✔ Start adding mushrooms 1 at a time and fry until crispy to your liking.

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