Vegan Garlicky AF Potatoes

•6 Red Potatoes.

•1Billion Tbsp of Smashed Garlic.

•Jalapeno Salt.

•Slap Yeah Mama Cajun Seasoning.

•Dry Parsley.

Scrub potatoes then cut them into wedges.

AF @350 for 25 minutes, or more, depending on if cut them thick as you heel back.

Make this dip and thank me later.

Add a bit of Knorr Liquid Smoke, some Scotch Bonnet Pepper to your Hidden Valley Vegan Ranch Dressing. Whip that baby up and

Don’t let anyone tell you, that’s more than one servings of potatoes, tell them your waistline said to mind their business.

I can’t give you any measurement of the seasonings. You know the Ancestor rules.

AF= Air Fried. I know how you’re reading this.

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