Vegan Coconut Black Bean Stew with vagetable

✔Spicy well seasoned Coconut Black Bean Stew.

✔Steamed Basmati Brown Rice.

✔Sweet AF Plantains.

✔Tiquila Lime Rub Cucumber Salad.

AF =Air Fried, it’s not what you’re reading, set your mouth right.

So do you eat rice with a spoon or a fork?

I am a spoon girl, I am not trying to leave a rice grain behind.

• 1 Bag Black Beans

• 2 Shallots Minced.

• 2 Sprigs Thyme.

• 1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper ( Be careful not to let it burst).

2 Stalks Green Onions.

• 1Large Tomato Cut into Cubes.

• 200000 Billion Cloves of Garlic.

• 6 Pimento Seeds. ( Allspice.)

•1Large Carrot.

•½ White & Purple Onion.

•1 Cup Coconut Milk.

• Spices Used Our Ancestors Way.

•Vegan Chicken Less

• Onion Salt.

• Slap Ya Mama.

• 1000 Bottles of Garlic Powder.

• Jerk Seasoning.

•Better Than Bouillon Roasted Garlic.

⅛Tsp Liquid Smoke.

•Bragg Nutritional Yeast.

•Smoked Paprika. ( This gal showing out for 2021, she is full of flavor ).

•Method. Rinse & cook 1 Bag Black Beans, until tender like your heel back, on medium heat with 2 cups of water.

Once beans are cooked.

Start adding herbs and Spices, combining well.

• Cover and let it simmer for no more than 10 mins on low.

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