I used swiss brown mushrooms, marinated them for 30 mins in- crushed garlic, a splash of low sodium tamari (coconut aminos is good to) a splash pure balsamic vinegar, a little dash of maple to balance, olive oil, salt and Cracked pepper. sometimes I use chilli flake or paprika if you like spicy OR herbs of choice like oregano or thyme. But plain is good too. Then cook them in a pan.

– Pasta:

The sauce is made with boiled cashews, potato, carrot. Blended with garlic powder, nutritional yeast, a little white miso paste, splash of olive oil, squeeze lemon juice, salt. Water to blend. I don’t measure. Go by taste.

The asparagus and broccoli is partially steamed in the pan with a couple splashes of water lid on for a few minutes- evaporate water -then add olive oil, salt pepper, and fry it till abit charred.