Valentina Ablaev’s Creamy Loaded Potato Soup is a culinary masterpiece that seamlessly marries simplicity with decadence, delivering a bowlful of pure comfort that transcends the ordinary. The recipe, with its carefully curated ingredients and concise 30-minute preparation time, presents an enchanting symphony of flavors and textures. From the moment the potatoes are peeled and cubed, their journey to tenderness in a stockpot begins, with a judicious seasoning of salt. Simultaneously, the kitchen is filled with the irresistible aroma of bacon sizzling in a Dutch oven, the golden bites eventually adorning the final dish.

As the diced onions dance in the bacon-infused butter, their sweetness contributes to the nuanced layers of flavor that define this soup. The addition of minced garlic introduces a fragrant note, a prelude to the culinary alchemy that follows. Swiftly whisking in flour creates a velvety roux, setting the stage for the gradual union of whole milk and chicken broth. This symphony of liquids crescendos into a soft boil, transforming the pot into a cauldron of creamy enchantment.

The star of the show, the now tender and drained potatoes, makes a grand entrance, joining the broth in a harmonious blend of comfort. Seasoned with precision, the soup comes alive with a dash of salt and pepper, allowing each spoonful to be a testament to the art of seasoning. A generous inclusion of mild or sharp cheddar and sour cream imparts a luxurious creaminess, while the reserved crispy bacon adds a satisfying crunch and smoky richness.

The culmination of this culinary ballet is a soup that not only warms the body but also captures the essence of home-cooked nostalgia. Topped with green onions for a burst of freshness, each bite is a journey through layers of flavor, from the velvety richness of the broth to the hearty chunks of potato, and the savory echoes of bacon. Valentina Ablaev’s recipe beckons both seasoned home cooks and kitchen novices alike to partake in the joy of creating a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary, turning a simple meal into a moment of indulgence and connection. As the soup simmers on the stove, the kitchen becomes a haven of warmth and aromas, inviting everyone to gather around the table and savor the uncomplicated joy of a truly homemade comfort food experience.

Loaded Potato Soup

Easy recipe for creamy Loaded Potato Soup. Chunks of potatoes in a cheesy soup base with sour cream and bacon is pure comfort food!

Author: Valentina Ablaev

Servings: 6 servings

Calories: 428

Prep Time: 12minutes mins

Cook Time: 18minutes mins

Total Time: 30minutes mins


  • 4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 8 oz bacon, bite-sized pieces
  • 4 Tbsp unsalted butter
  • ½ med onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • ¼ cup all-purpose flour
  • 2 1/2 cups whole milk
  • 2 1/2 cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup mild or sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
  • ¾ cup sour cream
  • 1 tsp salt, or to taste
  • ¼ tsp pepper, or to taste
  • green onions, to serve


  • Place sliced potatoes into a stockpot and completely cover with 1″ of water. Season with ½ tsp salt and cook 8-10 minutes or until potatoes pierce easily with a knife then drain. 
  • Meanwhile, saute bacon in a dutch oven until crispy then transfer to a plate, reserving 1 Tbsp bacon grease in the pot. 
  • Add 4 Tbsp butter and chopped onions then sautee until tender. Add garlic and cook another minute until fragrant. 
  • Quickly whisk in the flour. Slowly add 2 1/2 cups milk and 2 1/2 cups broth, whisking constantly then bring to a soft boil. 
  • Add drained potatoes and season soup with 1 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper or season to taste. 
  • Stir in 3/4 cup sour cream, 1 cup shredded cheddar, and half half of your cooked bacon (reserving the rest for serving). Bring to a boil then remove from heat and serve with your favorite toppings.