Fresas con Crema / Mexican Strawberries and Cream Recipe

mexican strawberries and cream

yield: 4 SERVINGS prep time: 15 MINUTES total time: 15 MINUTES


  • Chopped or sliced strawberry, 3 cups
  • Halved strawberries 8
  • Thick and creamy Homemade Yogurt or full fat greek yogurt 1 cup
  • Sour cream 1 cup
  • Sweetened Condensed milk 1 cup
  • Evaporated milk ½ cup
  • Vanilla extract ½ teaspoon


  • Fresh Mint leaves


First, wash the strawberries and then remove the stems. Next, slice or chop them into smaller pieces.

Also, reserve about 6 to 8 strawberries with the stems still attached and cut a slice through the middle so the berry remains intact.

When the strawberries are ready, mix the yogurt, sour cream, condensed milk, and vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl.

Next, spoon the chopped or sliced strawberries into 5 to 6 serving glasses or bowls and then pour the sweet cream mixture over the strawberries.

Finally, use the halved strawberries to garnish on top of the glasses.

For a layered effect, spoon a small amount of strawberries into the bottom of the serving glass or bowl. Next, pour some of the sweet cream mixture over top and then add another layer of strawberries. If you like, you could even add our 3 ingredient strawberry jam instead of the fresh strawberries in the second layer. 

Finally, drizzle the sweet cream mixture again and then garnish with strawberries again.


Tips to make the best Fresas con crema

When you want to make the best possible fresas con crema, follow these great tips and tricks:

Use only fresh strawberries and avoid frozen ones. 

Though you can make this anytime of year, it is best during strawberry season when the berries are freshly picked.

Only slice as much strawberries as you are going to use for the recipe, they will start to lose their sweetness the longer they sit sliced.

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