Prep Time: 20 mins

Cook Time: 20 mins

Total Time: 40 mins

Serves 8

Even meat eaters will love this veggie burger recipe! These grill-able patties are tangy, smoky, and savory, with a hearty texture from walnuts and mushrooms.


2 cans of kidney beans

7 tbsp oat flakes

1 big onion

1 glove of garlic

1,5 tsp Chili con Carne spice (or use smoked bellpepper instead )

1 can of sweet corn (about 200g)

2 tbsp of starch (e.g. corn)

2 tbsp plant oil

salt and pepper to taste

tabasco sauce (optional)

2 tbsp coconut oil for the pan


Heat coconut oil in a non stick pan and fry onions till they get brownish.

put aside one hand of beans and a handful of corn.

mix remaining ingredients in a blender.

use your hands to mix in remaining beans and corn.

divide the mass into eight equal balls and form patties out of them

fry them from each side for a few minutes in your pan until they are done.